Programming Languages: C#, HTML & CSS, Typescript, Python

Technologies: ASP.NET, Angular, RabbitMQ, SwaggerHub, Git, MySQL, MSSQL, Flask


Software Engineer

Developed and maintained apps that supported the company's online client portal using C#, ASP.NET, MySQL, RabbitMQ, SwaggerHub, Angular, and Typescript.

  • Developed REST APIs that processed borrower and loan data
  • During database migration, wrote a backfill app that retrieved borrower loan and lead info from multiple MySQL tables and inserted into a new table in a MSSQL database
  • Developed publishers and consumers that utilized RabbitMQ for message processing
  • Wrote a hobby app in Python and Windows PowerShell that ran daily and announced vanguards from different teams during weekdays in slack channel

Veterans United Home Loans

Columbia, MO
2018 - 2022

Software Developer

Developed REST APIs and batch jobs using Java,Groovy, Spock, Spring Framework, Gradle, and Git.

  • Executed a major rewrite of check processing system to streamline API design; reduced the number of classes by 53%
  • Established batch job to generate duplicate payments report as an accounting utility tool
  • Created batch job to handle SOAP messages from vendor for policy status processing
  • Built apps that utilized RabbitMQ for asynchronous data processing
  • Increased overall test coverage from below 80% to over 90% across all team projects
  • Implemented new feature in legacy system so Underwriters could return payments without the help from developers

Shelter Insurance Companies

Columbia, MO
2016 - 2018

Web Developer

Developed web apps that handled tasks including admissions applications, internal facility requests, and human resource forms using C#, ASP.NET, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, and CSS. Rewrote apps from VB to C#. Rewrote Onbase form from Javascript to C#.

Columbia College

Columbia, MO
2015 - 2016


Computer Science and Technology

Bachelor of Engineering

Central China Normal University

Wuhan, China
2004 - 2008


Bachelor of Arts

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Wuhan, China
2004 - 2008